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As An Expression of Christ’s Love, FOCUS exists to serve the poor by bringing together Orthodox Christian churches and community partners to provide food, occupation, clothing, understanding, shelter,  and other assistance to address the needs of local communities. 

Growing Together in Gratitude

 Fr. Matthew, Director at FOCUS Gateway City, shares how someone who visited Apostles Kitchen food pantry in St. Louis taught him a lesson on gratitude, and how much we all often take for granted.

Over 40 Million People Live In Poverty In The US

Through providing opportunities and resources to communities in need, FOCUS North America reduces barriers for people facing the disheartening challenges of poverty.   Our 6 local centers located across the country along with the national programming of youth leadership (YES),  back to school supplies, and hygiene kits, assists people in empowering themselves to live out Christ’s call to serve. 

Thanks To Our Supporters,

FOCUS North America’s mission can come to life, offering connection and resources to people experiencing poverty across the US by:
Providing free meals to people in Detroit, MI 
Sheltering homeless men in Cleveland, OH
Empowering young people to serve through YES
Offering probation and parole support in St. Louis, MO
Giving free diapers to mothers in Orange County, CA
Sharing warm clothes and hospitality with neighbors in St. Paul, MN
…and so much more!

"A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great."

Proverbs 18:16

Roy's Story

It was a chilly morning at St. Herman House and Resident Manager, Roy, did not have a sweatshirt. He quickly ran down to the clothing room and grabbed a cozy, fleece-lined shirt from a stack of donations. 
Roy was thankful. The shirt was warm and soft, and he loved the many compliments he received while wearing it. Roy, a resident of St. Herman’s, helps to manage the house and the many critical and essential services the ministry provides to the community.
“Maybe I’ll keep this sweatshirt,” Roy thought to himself, knowing that thanks to the generosity of our donors, there are many clothing donations available for people who are in need.  
But, no sooner than the thought crossed his mind, a guest walked up to the back door. Roy greeted him and immediately noticed our new guest was cold. Without thinking twice Roy took off the warm sweatshirt he had picked for himself and gave it to our new friend. 
After spending time to make sure our visitor was taken care of, Roy went back to the clothing room to grab another jacket — not as comfortable or soft as the first one — but warm. To Roy’s surprise, when he reached into the pocket he found a rosary! 
“This wasn’t a coincidence,” said Roy, “I have loved rosaries since I was a child.” 
Now, the rosary is an extra reminder to Roy of the great blessings that come when we give, even if it means taking the clothes off of his own back.

Giving Tuesday FAQ’s

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a global day dedicated to giving back. On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, people around the world come together for one common purpose: to celebrate and encourage generosity and giving. 

Will my gift be matched?

YES! Any gift made to FOCUS North America on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 will be matched dollar for dollar by a group of generous donors, up to $25,000.

Where will my gift be used?

Your gift will be designated for the program or center you choose on the donation form. Every gift given on Tuesday, November 20, 2021 will be matched (up to $25,000). These matching funds will be applied in the area of greatest need across the country – helping our ministry provide continuous services to our neighbors year round.

Are there other ways to give?

To ensure your gift is maximized by our Giving Tuesday match, the best way to give is through the online donation form. If you have any questions about making your gift, please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required 

How can i support my favorite focus center or program for #GivingTuesday

Use our online donation form to designate your gift to any of our centers or programs for #GivingTuesday – your donation will go directly to the cause you chose and will be matched by our National matching campaign to support FOCUS area of greatest need (up to $25,000).

This year, some of our centers organized unique #GivingTuesday initiatives: 

The rest of our centers and programs are still hard at work doing what they do best, standing alongside our neighbors experiencing poverty, and finding solutions to the challenges they face every day. 

Where can I learn more?

Download FOCUS North America’s FAQ sheet for more information.

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